I Can’t Explain

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I love you unconditionally.
I just can’t explain exactly what you do to me.
Giving me shivers and giving me chills
Boy I can’t explain just how it feels.
Kissing my lips and holding me tight,
Everything that you do is just right.
Saying I love you and miss you, I do.
Sometimes is all I can say to you.
Your making me smile, laugh, and cry,
is all a good thing in my eye.
Talking to me long and listening to our song.
I know what we’re doing is right not wrong.
I love you, I love you, and I’ll say it again,
Your my baby, my love, your my bestfriend.

One thought on “I Can’t Explain”

  1. You are really one of those writers who can make a person addicted to read more and more! Love is really such a magical thing which can make our world so beautiful and lively. Everything seems to be great around us and why not when we are blessed with such a loving person! Whom we trust and love with our whole heart, no matter what our love becomes the most important thing for us. The world seems to revolve around us. Hope the love grows and become strong forever!

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