You and Me

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Thoughts of you when I’m trying to eat
Visions of you when I’m trying to sleep.
I hate it when your mad at me..I do, I do.
In the end, all I want & need is you.
Talking to you all day and I cant get enough.
I love trying to blank on you, thinking I’m tough.
No one can tell me just how I feel.
Between you and I, we know it’s real.
Sometimes I trip, but you know I love you
Sometimes we fall out, but we seem to get through.
I know I’ve made mistakes, but you still hold on.
And your always here to listen when I’m really torn.
We have something that no one can ever break
It’s crazy how your on my mind when I wake.
I never saw this coming, but now I see
No one can come between you and me!

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