Did it even matter </3

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Did it even matter all the tears I cry?
Did it even hurt you when you said goodbye?
Did you even care when I wasn’t there?
Did you even wonder where you could found her when that girl is me?
Did you even listen when I talked to you?
Did you try finding someone new?
When you saw me crying did it really bother you?
Did it make you wonder if it was for you?
Did you really mean it when you said I love you,
or you just said it to calm me down?
When I wasn’t around did you think of me?
Did you realize I was always there when you needed me?
Did you even wonder if you woke up one day everything was a dream
and I wasn’t there when you woke up?
What will you do I wonder now?
Could you live without me or without my smile..?

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