Sometimes I Feel Its Over

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Life is a curse,

Hard and upsetting.

Happiness is a dream,

Something far from happening.

Suicide is a thought,

Alive and in my head.

Pain is my strength,

Like a frame to a bed

My days are pointless.
My life is dead.

My future is high
like I hold my head.

I pray over and over,
but why do that?

When god can’t even answer me back!

My heart is wide,
but full of tears.

My mind is open &
so is a grave.

My time is now,
it goes and goes

So how can I patch
these open holes?

2 thoughts on “Sometimes I Feel Its Over”

  1. I feel what you are saying and i have attempted loads of times to kill myself..i feel stuck in this misery! i dont know what to do! :(

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