Forget to Remember

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Nobody understands, the things I feel inside.
So I stay quiet to myself, or just run away and hide.

My world has become dark, and I never say a word.
Everybody looks at me, as if my voice was heard.

The world has become nothing, there’s no light ahead.
I feel as if I have not seen, the last tear drop to shed.

I try to forget the feelings, that I felt in my heart.
This is why I should have, just stopped from the start.

Now the memories that I have, will never go away.
I need to forget to remember, each and every day.

Alone is where I stand, I have no family or friend.
I don’t know if I can take this, I want it all to end.

I am never heard, like there is nothing for a sound.
I then feel the loneliness, as if nobody wants me around.

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