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Something’s wrong
I’m unable to see
Used to be strong
But no more can be
Wishing to close my eye
For a minute or two
but since our last goodbye
I am not able to do

You’re consuming me
You’re stealing my dreams
Can’t just let go of me
Give me back my streams

Insomnia your stealing my dreams
I’m awake at the night
Thinking only about you
I’m asleep at the day
Dreaming only about you
Can’t complain, can’t fight
Like a disease in the mind
But it seems you
Nothing I can do
I try to break the spell
I try to kick it to hell
But every time I do
My heart screams and mind

You’re so creeping me
You’re over-controlling me
Get me the real of you
Tell me what shall I do

How I wish you were here
How I need to have you near
Doesn’t matter if I shout
Doesn’t matter if I scream
Without you, without a dream
It’s hard to face life out
It’s hard to live in doubt

Yes I miss your voice
Yes you are my choice
Yes I miss your touch
Yes I need you that much
For you my heart is aiming
For you my arms are waiting
A thousand kiss
A thousand rose
Gone by the wind
Surrounded by my own hiss
Sleepy asking for a doze
Since you’ve left
Never had a blink
Living an insomnia that never end
Recalling all the time together we spent……

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