Love shall thrive!

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Love shall thrive!

Bryan the knight loved…

No, Bryan fell in love with Martinez the king’s daughter…

No! no! omumbejja

The princess; yes!

He is hardened by the chain

Born of a slave dad and servant mama…

He is blessed-cursed…

To serve the king, to take spear-rockets in place of him.

To prostrate at the feet of magulu nyondo!

He is a palace entertainer ye mudongo.

…there in, is an arena, a platform for joy of he.

There in, his best thrives.

The poet he moves the heart of her, his flute plays her fancy tunes his lyrics her heart’s romance.

Like Romeo to Julie, begets he, one glow night.

Stars smile bright.

The chill commands a bond.

Glow worms glow lovey-dovey…

The two lie in the palace nest in attached bosoms.

Worrior begets all that lies beneath the silk gown.

Martinez-my princess moans with ecstasy.

To the attention of one sneaky-nosy maiden, Victoria.

This splendid trillion dollar moment, she spreads to the palace elders’ quiet.

I am condemned- outcast! Villain! But I will stand.

I will stay and have my throat sliced!

Even this night as the king returns from raid.

I await the verdict.

But on my side…

Love shall thrive!

Love shall thrive

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