Forget Me Not

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Rare are those who can be
This close as you are to me
‘Cause once they become
It sadly gets undone
They start fading away one after one
Even you couldn’t stay; now that you’re gone.

Not just it’s heartbreaking
Moreover it’s breathtaking
I’m sure you’re coming back
So here’s an oath I’m making
Whatever it takes I’ll be waiting

Even though I am grieving
Even though my soul is bleeding
Ignore me
Keep my feelings behind
Just be
With no memories aside
Look ahead
You were born for success
The sky is yours to possess

I who have been waiting
For a sum years of seven
Won’t be the one failing
For another year to heaven
Don’t bother for being late
Whatever it takes I will wait

I will let go not
No one have what you’ve got
I do know not the word but
BUT if tomorrow I had not
A sun rising up on me
In the sky above the sea
I will forget you
I will let you go
Forget me not

Forget me not

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