I Love You Abby

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Well its done
my precious girl is no more
all thats left
are a pile of ashes

I have been so blessed
to have known you
and to have loved you
I will never forget you
baby girl.

Furball, I Love You
I miss your companionship,
your comfort when I’m down

I miss how you would
lay your paw on my leg
or arm when we sat on the sofa

Everywhere I look
I have a happy memory
of something you have done,
naughty or nice

I remember how you would
tackle your brother and wrestle
like you were on W.W.W

I remember how you would
jump on the counters to
eat flowers, real or not

Or how you would stare
at us at the dinner table
and slowly turn your head
almost upside down then
flop on the floor when
we were eating something
you wanted.

I will never forget you Abby
and I wait for the day
we are all together again

I Love You Abby

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  1. :( I am so sorry to hear this. I know how hard it is. I read both poems and I’m like crying. Even tho I don’t know you or your cat. I feel your pain. :( I’m here for ya if you wanna talk….

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