I Don’t Want To Do This

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I Don’t Want To Do This
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I don’t want to do this
I don’t want to make this decision
She’s been sick for a while
Not eating much, barely drinking
Damn cancer

They say it is the humane thing to do
To part with one of your best friends
To know this is the last time
I will get to hold her,
To kiss her furry little face

Her appointment is at 10 am
I can’t believe her time is here
I can’t believe this is it
I don’t want to do this

No longer being woken up
With kitty kisses
Or my toes getting bitten
In the morning before I put on my socks

I will no longer have my computer kitty
Keeping me company while sending emails
Or to hear her chirp and chatter at the birds
It should not be like this
To love them with all your heart
Then have it ripped from your chest

I don’t want to do this……………………….

But I have to…………………………………….

Because I love my little Abby.

I have to

3 thoughts on “I Don’t Want To Do This”

  1. It is always a hard feeling when we loose our close ones… But everybody needs to leave this world someday and some leave before us… it just means GOD loves them more and kept us in hold… But still I know the pain … I have felt that pain when we loose someone whom we loved a lot:(

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