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I’m losing my edge

I can’t believe your reaction

Would it make you feel better

If I could control my interests?

I can’t choose who or what I like

And I’m not going to pretend too

If you can’t accept me for who I am,

Interests and all,

Then I have nothing to say to you

I suppose it hurts more that you are family

But there’s nothing you or I can do

So I’m going to live the life I want

And not let your comments affect me

Because I am stronger now

And your words cannot break me down.

I can face down the world

And come out battered but smiling

I finally realized I can be who I want

As long as I’m prepared for haters

So go ahead and try to knock me down

Talk down about my interests, Dad

I am who I am

But I am who I am

I like who I like

Whatever you say or think

You Cannot change that.

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