Glory of Hollow

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Blank are the pages
My emotional life is yet not written
I’ve been lost in this life
I’ve been living a lie
A love is never true
If it’s taken, and never back given

Through my life
Day after day
I was led astray
As demons were haunting me
Surrounding me with their spells
Marlon the wizard, I ought to be
I’ve lost faith in heaven after being in hell
Heading toward my darkened fate
Blind not having a reason to navigate
But anything caused everything
Wanted to fly, but had no wings.

They have taken it all
Pushing me to the floor
Alone I was left at their site
A dark tunnel with no light
With a memory of a poisoned kiss
With a moment of their vague bliss

Now it’s time to segregate
Yesterday from tomorrow
Keep it all and eliminate
Not joyfulness but sorrow
Time is unavailable to hate
I’m tired of living in hollow

Help me stand on my feet again
What they’ve written on my book’s
Nothing but an erasable stain
It only cost a single look
Into your eyes to know
There’s a lot of time for me now
Without a tale or existence how
I ever make you and keep my vow
Your love is not a defeat, it’s a glory
You’ll be the hero and the writer of my story!

6 thoughts on “Glory of Hollow”

  1. I can’t get it clear, you like it or not ? I couldn’t understand why’s the apology ? and with respect to the fact of being friends before going into a relationship I can’t agree or disagree cz sometimes you aim for a relationship but once start as friendship it sticks at that point :S

  2. I like it. I prefer it than love poems, so I apologize for the love one :-)

    With respect to the fact of being friends before going into a relationship, it only applies to my case. You’re not obligated :-)

    If you only aim for a relationship, to start as friendship is meaningless, because it’s not your aim :-)

    We’re talking about different things :-)

    I wonder if we truly love someone when we don’t know them at all, hehe.

    But you’re right, to start as friendship with me, 99% it sticks at that point, the chance is exactly the same as the failure of any other relationship.

    But do you think you truly love someone if you don’t want to be her friend at all?

    Ha, I’m a bit harsh, but I see too many failures and they repeat. I see too many “lies” but I don’t think they lied. If they were that bad you wouldn’t have loved them. They’re as human as everyone else.

  3. It’s not that they are not that bad, but sometimes we get deceived, people pretend to be what they are not for real, they try at first to show us the person they aim to be and not who they really are ( I repeat “sometimes” ) so we fall for them based on what we see from them at first, but later on faces fall and they show who they are for real.
    As for being friends it is essential, you can’t love someone or be engaged in a relationship without being honest and close to each others and that’s what friendship is built upon, but it’s crucial to set lines and where this relationship is going before getting stuck in friendship and having love from a single side of the relationship:D

  4. We need to find solutions here.

    People pretend for whatever reasons, perhaps she cared too much about you, perhaps they have mixed personalities randomly displayed, perhaps it takes time to show, perhaps they’re silly… We can’t control. We can control ourselves to slow down even just a little bit if they would show so soon. I don’t think to be friend with someone for a few months is such a problem to prevent from leading to a relationship. The problem is you wouldn’t want it at all if you just slow down.

    It’s your choice to repeat easily saying love to someone you don’t know then blame her or treat the word love seriously.

    No one is perfect. If you love someone because she looks perfect, you’ll just repeat this frustration.

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