Nonsense and Conscience

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Isn’t it love when I can cheer you up
Especially when you are feeling so, so down
Tears around your eyes are bleeding, red and blue
How about I come and turn it all around

Tell me a story of how you grew weary
Of people in the world who grew to love and hate
You’re strange idiosyncratic behaviour
Saviour: and you’re earlier than late

Punctual, conjunctual, dysfunctional and nonsense
C can B your letter and I won’t let it change
You’re perfect, I can C it, you can be it. Bilabiate
Lips so pure, I always stutter in pain

So tell me in the Haze how much I mean to you in French
I’m speaking in a joke that’s only understandable
To us, so what’s the fuss? Is there a joke that isn’t private?
A memory so cleverly created by a man…[dable]

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