Shattered Heart

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My heart is shattered again!

He was healing…He’s different from my other guy friends

He actually healed my heart…

Well some of it

Ever since I got back 3 weeks ago from my vacation

My heart broke again…

I’m sure it won’t heal this time

I miss him so much

He’s the only one that can make me smile

And he made me stop crying myself to sleep

He makes me laugh and feel better

No one else can do that!

I want to talk to him so much…

And the thing I kinda hate the most I fell for him

And he kept posting what he wants in a girl

And I have those things!

But it seems he doesn’t notice…

What’s the point when…I’m just some loner chick who everyone makes fun of

And he’s…Popular

I just want to talk to him again…

I want him to make me smile and laugh…

Make me feel better…I want him to notice me…

5 thoughts on “Shattered Heart”

  1. Hi Vanessa,

    If he lists all the things you have, it’s a good news. Why do you think he doesn’t notice you? Does he know you have those traits?

    It happened to me that guys listed things about me to look for someone else when they were declined or when we broke up.

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