When the hammer hits the glass

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I won’t slither on the floor anymore
A lying serpent in a locked fate
A boy so angry he won’t utter a word
A man encased in a vessel of hate

I can’t feel when I know she’s under
The influence of all her friends and foes
She dances all night with a heart of steel:
Stole my heart and replaced it with woe

I make promises of who I’ll be
She arrives at home with a prepared excuse
Listening and glistening I nod my head
Apologies for lies? Girl, I refuse

I run quietly in total heartbreak
The shattered proclamation of a f*cked up man
Pierces my forgiveness for a uniform kill
Draw yourself a tick – for a successful plan

6 thoughts on “When the hammer hits the glass”

  1. Reading your poems is always pleasing. They’re poetically beautiful and rhyming, the way they flow and the way you choose the words, so pleasing that sometimes I can’t feel the pain at all.

    Then I was thinking about “Lie”. It seems one of the main subjects of poems here. I was thinking about how not to lie.

    When I read poems about “Lie”, I would be afraid of thinking if I ever “lied”.

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