Every Day

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Every day that goes by, my heart just gets cold.
I felt when it quit beating, after a while it just gets old.
I keep to myself, and let everyone else be.
Nobody understands, what the world looks like to me.
I try to let it go, but it was more than people knew.
I had life in my hands, and just let it all slip through.
My world is full of broken hearts, and crushed dreams every day.
The rest of it has fallen apart, we all went separate ways.
Nobody wants to talk to me, or even just say hi.
My world has come to a stop, and the rest just goes by.
While I’m sitting still watching, all the time go away.
To everyone else it seems like, just another day.

Pain on the skin of my back

One thought on “Every Day”

  1. i understand your world
    It’s old and it’s very cold
    the pain reflects on the skin
    of course, no one understand
    but it doesn’t mean
    we’re not capable
    of understanding the world.

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