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Time doesn’t stop for you

It doesn’t stop for anyone

It doesn’t change the fact that your heart is hurting

It doesn’t make a difference if you have people that support you

You still want it all to go away and give you all the time you need

But that’s not how it works…

Embrace your sorrow choke it till it dies in your arms

Till you have no more strength left to give

Right at that moment it’s between you and it

The very thing that imprisons you

Till it sucks you dry

Till you’re on the verge of dying

To fight is what it wants you to do

What it craves the most?


Because it’s the only thing that keeps sorrow alive

Alive with in every little thing you do

 It wants you to pay attention

Wants you to envy what you can’t have anymore or what you once had

It has seen you at your best and it doesn’t want that

It wants you dead

It wants you to leave and to become another one of its victims with no hope

Because you couldn’t see that it was nothing more than a disgrace

It wants you hopeless, weak and defenseless it wants you to see what it has seen

It wants you to give into its demands to rule you whether it was everything and everyone that caused you such dismay it lies in your wake

You have become nothing more than your own prisoner

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