I Wish He Knew How I Felt About Him

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I wish this friend of mines knew how I felt about him

He’s different from my other guy friends

He’s nice and all like the others but way nicer…

I’ve been feeling alone for a long time…

But when I talk to him I feel a lot better

I’m glad I got to be friends with him

But now all of the sudden we don’t talk anymore

I’m sad over it I come back from somewhere and I’m hurt and all I wanted was to talk to him

It’s┬ásurprising┬áto me that I just wanted to talk to him

I really hope I talk to him again…

I want to tell him how I feel about him but…

What if he doesn’t feel the same way..

What if after I tell him everything changes with us…

I’m scared about it…

All I want is for him to know how I feel and to talk to him again

8 thoughts on “I Wish He Knew How I Felt About Him”

  1. JUST TELL HIM! let me just share with you a little cheer.
    i try my best to live by it, and it hasn’t made my life easier, but it has made it more fun!

  2. Vanessa, why don’t you talk any more?

    You can just write a poem based on this one, telling him how happy you were when he talked to you and that you wish to talk again.

    If you don’t tell him then you won’t talk any more. If you tell him, he might talk to you again. If the answer is no, then you just move on.

    But you get 1/4 – 1/3 more chance, right?

  3. Vanessa,

    I understand that. Ya, you need to think about if you’re strong enough.

    Perhaps you just ask him why not continue to talk (I still don’t know the reason)

    When you start to talk again you can wait for his move. Ya, usually guys are supposed to make the move :-)

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