Trying To

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Trying to express the way I feel,
To let you know that my pain is real,
To let you know what I feel inside,
Because Inside I’ve already died,

Trying to tell you what the voices say,
As the voices haunt me day after day,
To let you know that deep inside,
That the voices tell me I’ve already died,

Trying to make you understand,
As we walk across the warm soft sand,
Those memories buried deep inside,
Those memories tell me that I’ve already died,

Trying to ask you to forgive,
When I tell you that I don’t want to live,
Because of all the hurt inside,
The hurt that tells me I’ve already died,

Trying to say my last goodbyes,
To end it all, to break all ties,
I’ll miss you all deep inside,
But will you miss me when I’ve died?

Trying to tell you about my death,
As I lie here and take my last breath,
Keep your tears, keep them safe inside,
For I have not gone, I have only died

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