Take Me Back

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Take me back a year ago.
where I thought I was
living a dream.
Yet I ended up
as always,
a used victim
in the end.

Take me back
five years ago
when I was shown
there was a chance.
Then the world
of loneliness
and told
“this is now your life”.

Take me back
ten years ago
when she moved away
when our worlds
and we forgot to remember
each other.

Take me back
fifteen years ago
when I embraced
a world of darkness
where everyone hides
the truth
to hurt you
to bring you to ruin.

Take me back
twenty years ago
when my parents realized
I was different
when I knew
that I could never
be who they wanted.

Take me back
so that I may change
to avoid causing
so that I may do
what I should have done
all along.

One thought on “Take Me Back”

  1. “Take me back’ it sounds good. But I just never go back :-) however when I move on I’m very hesitant too, so when I leave I never look back.

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