Outcast finds a home

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In this cottage we dwell,

social rejects but cupid’s recollects


They, all pronounced us misfits!

said you were an outcast, and I one of them.

Said you were good banished,

I thought you were good, cherished


I rebelled thus, and ran away, with you

to leave hunted, but forever with you

I didn’t run, I left with you

being strong enough to protect us.


It’s four now, and we still alive

In this green country,

where birds sing blues

where stars walk in cues


This, our son shall grow to love

Pick berries and shoot the doves

play with the country lads and tend the calves.

As we ride through fields and watch the herd…

That had that’s our herd!


And now I don’t care anymore

All I care about is my own,

my sweet lady

my son, Hardy

And this awesome land….

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