How Soon?

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It started where, we can’t be apart.
It ended when you ripped out my heart.
My feelings now, from what I had.
I show no emotions, not good not bad.
It all fell to pieces, and they tumbled away.
Now they’ve all been lost, nothing is guaranteed to stay.
My life has become questions, for you and about me.
The problem is who knows the answers, and what will one see?
Don’t look ahead, its disappointing what you see and hear.
My life has fallen apart, and the end is very near.

One thought on “How Soon?”

  1. I think you’re nostalgic, and I’m opposite; I look ahead, I see uncertainties, unknowns, and I’m excited, aggressive knowing I will defeat the setback. The setbacks belong to yesterday or today but won’t belong to tomorrow.

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