Love Letters

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The love letters I send to you,
Of distant love in a far away place,
A love that’s constant, a love so true,
the beauty that I see in you,
Wanting to hold you, In a love embrace,

You know how I feel inside,
It’s never been something I’ve tried to hide,
Feeling you close to me,
wanting you, needing you,
the I becomes we,
The passion you lit, deep in me,
I can’t control these feelings,
as you pull me ever deeper in,

Having you constantly on my mind,
The joy of love I could not find,
The poems I wrote were completely true,
although sometimes they seem blue,
They capture the essence,
of my feelings for you,
Transfixed by your loving gaze,
every time you look at me,

Holding you close to me,
a tenderness that I see inside,
A kiss from your lips, with eyes open wide,
I feel you in my heart and mind, a love sublime,
the visional haze, as I touch your soul,
I gave you my heart, a long time ago,
Before the letters, I loved you so,
You know everything there is to know,

Soon you’ll see, how much you mean to me,
From the man who came, from across the sea,
Who gave his heart completely,
I look at you with a loving gaze,
when I walk up to you, and see your face,
To kiss your lips, and warm embrace,
I know right then, that’s when you’ll see,
Just how much you mean to me.

One thought on “Love Letters”

  1. This is really good poem!!!
    Long Love distance is hard
    but if you really love someone
    you’ll make it work.
    My boyfriend is in the army
    and all we have is our love letters
    I can’t wait to hold him again soon!

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