Love is Lonely

Why Do I???

Why Do I???
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Why do I, get these feelings so much?
I miss the sound of her voice, as well as her touch.
Will it ever go away, and let me be free?
Or is this the one, that I was meant to be?
The sound of her voice, along with each breath.
It gives me a feeling, that with her, I only get.
She touches me in ways, that only she would know.
I think she feels the same, but who knows what will show?
They say that in time, all will fall in place.
What time is that, or will I see her face?
I don’t get my hopes up, because they fall apart.
I try my best to listen to, what I feel in my heart.
They say go with your heart, but is that one we can trust?
Why do I, get these feelings so much?