The End

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As I close my eyes, I try to let the past go.
Every time, more stuff starts to show.
It reminds me of more things, I don’t want to know.

When you try to figure out, what parts are true.
Just give up, because the rest will disappoint you.
You keep on trying, and get hurt as you do.

The thoughts in my head, as I see my mistakes.
I feel all the pain, as I cause all the aches.
All I can see, is that I’m a disgrace.

I look at the ones, whose lives I cause pain.
I feel that I’m the mistake, the one who is to blame.
I shouldn’t live my life, with all of this shame.

My perspective of life, has changed since then.
Can this be fixed, or at least make it end?
With my luck, it will happen again and again.

This is the place, that many call hell.
I live it each day, some can’t even tell.
I show no emotions, on how far I fell.

Just say no to all, because you are the one.
You know the cause, it’s from everything you’ve done.
Just put it to an end, to help everyone.

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