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If I…

If I…
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If you catch my eye

It’s not because you’re an angel

It’s because you appeal to me

If I walk up to you,

It’s not because you have power to pull me

It’s because I had the confidence to walk up to you

If I choose to start up a chat with you,

It’s not because I noticed the flirt in you!

It is because I am a poet thus…

If I hit the point right in your face

It’s not because I am like other guys

It is because, I didn’t want to be a loser -wuss

If I lay back after your usual, “I am not ready for a relationship.”

It’s not because I am weak and incompetent.

It’s because you, should know what you want to

If I decide to take your digits,

It’s not because I am being like ex

It’s because I want to have you forget the heartbreak

And I cling to you day after day,

It’s not because I am clingy

It is because I am a man; your kind says I have to keep on the run.

And if after that all, I am trying to keep you,

It is not because I am trying to play married. It is because I have learnt to treasure you thus…

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