Adjectives of splendor

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This goddess, sir

Is the lunatic you dropped

You said she was lousy

You said her love stinks


I, picked her then, off the dump

The filth, I licked with my bare tongue

The tears, I wiped dry

With my then, only hankie


Like a forsaken desert tree

She was

Haggard, bare and denied

Only a monk could have his way into a miracle touch.

Fascinated with her innocent iris,

I saw the glare of hope

The true beauty, beneath

A diamond gem in a mountain of trash


Losing my pride,

I rolled up my sleeves…

And bent forth, to save a life

These hands, revamped the flicker


The kindness,

Stupidity then!

The compassion,

Loser stunts then!

The hope,

Lost wit then


In that, sprouts this glorious, fabulous, gorgeous and glamorous princess!

A true beauty queen with all the adjectives of splendor

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