One Day

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Only in my dreams I see you

Only in my dreams I can love you without being afraid

Afraid of my friends and others who hate our happiness

I was angrier with the idea of letting you go because of them

Actions that spoke for themselves when you didn’t deny that it was for the best

That you couldn’t say no to everyone else

But you said no to the girl you loved

I couldn’t trust you enough

I couldn’t believe hard enough that you did love me

But I couldn’t trust myself to be with you

I knew you were long gone that first day I met you

I loved you

I wonder still if you will love me one day

Because I wished hard enough 

That someday I will captivate your heart

One day I will say “I love you more”


4 thoughts on “One Day”

  1. As I said before, public opinions can be overwhelming. I find myself also hard to face them and find alternatives to escape, try to please as many people as possible. When I feel that a lot more people will be unhappy because of my own happiness, I start to doubt about my happiness.

  2. I think other people and you have the different definitions about happiness and they might think it’s for your sake.

    I’m not sure who those people are, but there’re only 3 possibilities:

    1. They hate you, which doesn’t sound right;
    2. They think your happiness affects theirs and makes them unhappy;
    3. They care about you and they care too much about you as if they cared about themselves but since you have different views on happiness, then their caring about you actually makes you unhappy.

    Hm, we won’t know the answer until many years later.

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