The life you’ll be remembered

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Drink wine like water

Burn money like paper

Play girls like toys

And you think you’re adorable!


Play music as loud as you wish

You don’t even wash your own dishes

So you think you’re cool

Leaving your mom helpless?


Buy me this, buy me that

Travel there, travel anywhere

Twisting the truth and acting like you care

And at the end of the day you’re still a big liar!


Life is sweet my friend

If you know how to make a sweat

Take a moment to think what really matters

One day you get old, youth is not forever

Perhaps you should consider

The way you’ll be remembered

3 thoughts on “The life you’ll be remembered”

  1. A person like this is happy himself and the people around him are not; an opposite person would make people around him happy but not himself; the most successful person is a happy person who also makes people around him happy and the rest is just miserable.

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