I’m Done

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I’m done of losing my friends….I lost some here on the Internet

People who were like sisters or brothers to me

They all did suicide…I miss them all so much

I made new friends…And I almost lost two last night

I told myself last night if I lose one more person…

I’m gone

I’m tired of being depressed for weeks!

Crying every single day!

Going through the same pain over and over…

Having all the fun times running threw my mind…

I’m just done!

I’m tired of everyone saying things will get better

And I’m really tired of everyone trying to make me feel better

Or trying  to get the old me back!

The old me is gone! She left a long time ago!

I want everyone to get to like this new me…

New me isn’t that bad…

Anyways like I said before I’m done…

I’ve gone through the pain so many times…

I don’t want to go to anymore funerals…

I don’t want to see my friends anymore laying there in a box…

I don’t want to have to lay a rose there on their body and fall to the ground crying

I’m just done!

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  1. There’re people out there who don’t even have Internet access and they’re content when they have a meal. They enjoy the moment when they have a meal and don’t have luxurious dreams or pain. They just want to live another day and be happy for that.

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