To Miss Calm

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I confess
I’ve done so terrible things
I’ve broken so many wings
I’m in stress
I’ve to say what I want
I will confess or I won’t ?

What I need
Does hurt indeed
Every when and everywhere
Now and then, here and there
What I feel
Shall be my heal
Everyplace and every time
Set me free its not a crime

Every single place we’ve gone
Every little thing we’ve done
Is painted on my memories
Every tiny word you’ve said
Is sculptured in my ears

There are paths I had chose
There are scars I want to close
There are things I shouldn’t give
There are people I can’t forgive
I’m not gifted to forget
The least I can do is regret

Stars are charmingly shining
Winds are silently listening
My words are being written
like the slow running river
I know I’m not forgiven
But this letter I must deliver

I’ve been lost
I’ve been alone
Before your ghost haunted me
I’ve been wrong
Never been strong
Before your shadow stalked me
I’ve been in strife
A heart with a knife
Before you peacefully rescued me

Forgive me for misbehaving
I misunderstood my craving
For someone like you miss calm
The heart beneath my hand’s palm
Hold my hand, and its all yours
Save me again, I’m forever yours.

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