A monster in love with you

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You think you’re naive and you’re closed like a book
But I am the author and I’ll write forever
You say you have problems and that you’re behind
Well I’m behind too so we’re starting together

You’ve got trust issues and you cry out at night
Know that I’m crying for you; ’cause I need you
You’re light to my darkness, my strength when I’m weak
The journal which makes a note of what we’ve been through

You’re always so happy even when you’re sad
I try and reflect you but don’t have the will [because]
You’re so much better than who I’ve become:
A monster. A monster in love with you, still.

You rant about people who’ve left you to dust
Please know that I’m here, here to pick up the pieces
Don’t thank me again, you deserve so much more
“Yes I do, and it’s you. You’re the world to me.” she says

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