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Through the last passing years
I always had you in my dreams
Hiding your pretty face
Holding you with embrace
Walking under the rain
Faster than a runaway train
I never knew it was you
I never knew what to do
To turn the dream into reality
To acquire the everlasting serenity

I want to get into your inside
Be the blood keeping you alive,
Listen closely to your beats in rhyme

I want to see the sun into your eyes
Be the cause of my continuous life
See the source of the passing daylights

Actions speak louder than words
Meanwhile words are my actions
Screaming, and shouting madly
I scream in desperation,
I want you, my final destination
I shout with declaration,
I want you, my only reconciliation
Dreaming will not rescue me anymore
Every second I’m with you, I beg for more

Feeling this need embracing me
I wish I can be, what I want to be
My fear will always linger here
A tear will forever irrigate the tree
Trapped, crippled with thrilling demand
Into your soil everlasting shall stand
Till you rise with a touch of your hand
Breaking the spell and setting me free

Life will break down
With every new day’s dawn.
Shine the sun of my days
Lighten the star of my nights
Save me from love’s insanity
Bring my ultimate prosperity
Smile before my charmed oculus
Laugh nearby my enchanted Auricles

Little piece of heaven you are
By a mysterious power said to be divine
Sent from a hidden place too far
To be the guarding angel of my lifeline.

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