A Dream I never wished to wake up

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I never expect to meet someone like you
who would keep me company
comfort me in times of my short comings
it is like a dream come true
a dream while my eyes are wide open
somehow I wish I never get up
never wake up
everything stays as a dream
in a dream where everything is perfect
no hurt
no sadness
in a dream where everything meant everything for you and me
every little thing matters
big or small
as long as there is you
there will always be me
I exist in one purpose
to protect you
to comfort you
to be there on your most hopeless moment
and pick you up when you are slowly falling down
to be your crying shoulder
and to ensure your safety
to let you feel
that you are not alone
that even against all odds
I will stand beside you
never let go of your hand
together we will go on a journey
the journey of our lifetime
growing old together
crying our tears together
sharing our happiest moments together
never letting each moment slip out of our hands
taking chances
not afraid to take challenges
for I know there is you in me
my strengths in all my weaknesses
I dreamt all these dreams
in a dream where I hope becomes a reality
a reality I will forever hold on to
never letting go
keeping my faith even as the sun goes down
keeping the faith eternally

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