Sexual Attention

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he’s my drug
and I’m addicted
it seems unreal
it seems conflicted
the way that he touches
it seems so real
and how his attentions
to stumble and seal
he tells me things
i wanna hear
it doesn’t mean nothing
and that’s what i fear
the way that he kisses
he kisses like a pro
sometimes when he leaves
i miss him so
im obsessed
with his passion i can’t get enough
sometimes it gets easy
sometimes it gets rough
just knowing he wants me to give him
my all
his fingers my lips
they feel like claws
i swear i do love him
because he’s so real
but I’m not sure
if he knows how i feel
he’s all about
and sex
even though he keeps contact
with one of his ex
whenever we’re out
we pretend we are strangers
just knowing my heart
could just be in danger
he makes me feel
I will never die
just knowing he’s known too
make me cry
even though he’s suspicious
i can’t let him go
the truth should be spoken
i love him so
the way we touch
our lips meet slow
the way that he holds me i can’t let go
the main idea
i had to mention
the way he can touch
it’s like sexual attention

Dusty touch screen

Dusty touch screen by notfrancois

4 thoughts on “Sexual Attention”

  1. Everything was actually flashing in front of me …You actually got a pro it seems the way you expressed your feelings created some sensation … Very few people are blessed with that Chartism and you are to get one … It was a good read … hope to see more of sententious poems :)

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