Fresh New Start

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For all the times we shared
I never felt this scared
We no longer do the things we do
And for that I am afraid of being with you

One day you woke up with my friend
Forgetting I stayed home when you brought him in
It’s ashamed I couldn’t be as acrobatic as him
Sad to say, I feel no longer the same

I wish I could hit you, curse you
Better yet kill my friend
I’m still a man, who also feels rage
When got betrayed by his only friend

Still I kept everything within
Suppressing the sadness that reigned
I must confess, I am not that insane
I rather let you go than for you to feel my pain

It burns like a fever and cuts like a knife
Fogging my vision surely hurts my eyes
For dreams we built crushed like ice
Just because you feel horny of that spy

Something inside me disappeared
Talking, acting like strangers instead
Perhaps too much left undone and said
Now, I wake up alone in bed

Let me beg you with all my heart
Please let me bury that part
Don’t you think its better?
If we have a fresh new start
And find someone who deserves our heart
With prayers to love and never be apart

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