Imagine this

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Imagine this

A girl happy skateboarding around a neighborhood with her friends
No pain just…Happiness
She’s got her wonderful friends in real life and on the internet
Nothing can ruin the friendship
She’s a healthy young girl who’s always active and gives good advice
Is caring…Never sad and never breaks down
Do you have that image in your head?
Can you feel her happiness?

Now imagine this

A girl sitting on a window sill looking out the window
Looking out at the rest of the kids having fun…
While she’s in her room trying to deal with her pain
Most of the time she writes, plays instruments, sings, or cuts…
She’s in so much pain she mostly sings it out or screams…Or breaks down
She’s blocking out so many people…
She’s blocking out the world she’s in her room…A mess
People try to help but she ignores them…
She’s waiting for someone to come rescue her from her pain…
Do you have that image?
Can you feel her pain?

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