Love is Lonely

Meaningless Words

Meaningless Words
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You say these words,
And act like you can hurt me.
You think I’ll fall down sobbing.
You think that I am worthless.

Well I know who you are,
And I know what you’ve done.
Still, there is nothing you can say,
To make me cry or run.

All the hateful words you’ve said,
Are like mosquitoes in my ear.
They buzz around,
But are soon forgotten.

You cannot knock me down.
You cannot make me squirm.
You cannot convince me of things,
Because you are a little worm.

I do not respect you.
I do not like you.
I do not want you in my life because,
Your hatred isn’t new.

You had to show everyone,
What you said to me.
You need public gratification.
You need everyone to see.

So listen to this,
If you only listen to one thing.
You have not won.
You are no champ.

The real winner here is the Devil.
He’s laughing down in Hell.
He’s glad that you said those things.
He’s so happy, he wants to scream and yell.

Everything you say.
Everything you do.
Everything that hurts,
Will all come back to you.

I believe in Karma.
I believe in God.
I believe that one of them will make you pay.
Those stupid little words you said have bundled in a wad.

Your words are meaningless to me.
They fall limp at the floor.
So keep on jabbering.
No one is listening, they have shut the door.