Love is Lonely

Sweet bitter memory

Sweet bitter memory
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A moment in silence
In a timeless riddle of life
Embracing the coldness of the night
Alone in the crack of dawn
Walking without nothing to own
Should I be thankful?
Should I be grateful?
I feel dead and afraid
For the life you spared
Oh NICA, I must go?
Where no one can follow
You have all the gold
You don’t need me anymore
Heartless, I could no longer adore
A beast without a face
Full of greed and deceit
You always do whatever they told
Even took away my childhood
For once let me go and grow old
But believe me I will not dare to speak
I’ve erased every sweet bitter memory
To hide in wide open with new identity
I wish we could play this like in the movies
But it’s hard to tell without someone to kill
Who played the good and who’s the villain
I’m just a little pawn without a home
And you my queen already have the throne
Dear devil please let me go to heaven
Before my friends burn my skin