Sweet bitter memory

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A moment in silence
In a timeless riddle of life
Embracing the coldness of the night
Alone in the crack of dawn
Walking without nothing to own
Should I be thankful?
Should I be grateful?
I feel dead and afraid
For the life you spared
Oh NICA, I must go?
Where no one can follow
You have all the gold
You don’t need me anymore
Heartless, I could no longer adore
A beast without a face
Full of greed and deceit
You always do whatever they told
Even took away my childhood
For once let me go and grow old
But believe me I will not dare to speak
I’ve erased every sweet bitter memory
To hide in wide open with new identity
I wish we could play this like in the movies
But it’s hard to tell without someone to kill
Who played the good and who’s the villain
I’m just a little pawn without a home
And you my queen already have the throne
Dear devil please let me go to heaven
Before my friends burn my skin

One thought on “Sweet bitter memory”

  1. It was a good read; I really liked how you managed to bring both loneliness and thankfulness within a single piece. Actually speaking people should be thankful to those who have left them for reason unknown and it was their choice not to stay in your life, but it should not make you lonely, they never deserved to be in our life or they were not lucky enough to share our life. These things are bound to happen with us. Sometimes life is really unpredictable, but it should only make us strong and have the will to live life as it comes. Expect less love more, be thankful; show gratitude. Forget the past, erase bitter memories. Live present gracefully. :)

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