Illegal Love; So Sorry

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Illegal love

It sounds so romantic and so bad

But when actually faced with it

To have to either give up the one I love

Or go on without blessings

Is so confusing, so stressful

I don’t think I can give him up

Even through all he’s done to me

It’s been three years since we admitted it

Admitted we lovedĀ each other

And I don’t think I can let go because of your age

I’ll try but I don’t think it possible

When you really love someone, and are faced with thisĀ decision

I think you’d make the same choice

I can’t let go of him

So I’m just going to wait here

Wait for him to come back

And I’ll forget about his birthday

In nine days he’ll be 18

I’ll forget that too

And we’ll be happy.

I’m so sorry this is happening..

But we can get through it!

Can’t we?

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