A mother

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To a question where her home is a daughter gave this answer:

Where my mommy is


A mother can never forget her own children

She will always think about the child she gave birth to

A mother can only do good deeds for her children

She teaches her children about God and how to be good

A mother will give shelter to the poor

She will help those in need and do good where ever she can


God gave us mothers because we will not come through life without them

Mothers are the basis of good homes

Mothers make our houses homes

Without mothers there is no love, there is no life


Beneath a mothers feet there isĀ {Janna} Heaven.


Respect your mother and treat her with love and care

Care for her in old age as she has taken care of you when you were a child


A mother will forgive you if you did something wrong

A mother will show you the right path

A mothers heart overflows with love

A mother is the basis of a home


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  1. Very nice poem. I like how you start of by asking a question about what a mother is. Then you go on and answer that question in many ways! Very nice technique

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