I hope you are the one

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I don’t know if your the one

I hope it to be though

In your arms is where I feel I belong

I will do anything it takes to keep you by my side


You came to abide in my heart

And my life changed


I saw myself mature

Emotionally though


With compassion, love and tender touch

I gave you my heart

With passion, strength and bonding of two hearts

I gave you my soul

With honesty, calmness and acceptance I gave you my life


Every piece of me inside and out

Every piece of my body

Every piece of my soul

Every emotion I feel

Every piece of my heart


Inch by inch I love you so much

I gave you my all

I trust in you day by day

In everything you do and say


I stop myself not to get emotionally carried away

I look into the facts

I am realistic and open minded

And that’s what keeps us together


The trust I have in you

Brings us closer every day


I don’t know if you’re the one

But I hope you to be


So down this road

I will travel all of the ups and downs

Just to see if you are the one

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