I smile at you as you wave goodbye

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I smile at you as you wave goodbye
Hiding my fears, careful not to cry
How could I let you go like this
knowing that we had that kiss
Your supposed to be just a friend
I know why this had to end
Somehow I wish that you could stay
But we have to go a separate way
Why did you have to be engaged
as we parted I felt raged.
Do you really have to go back
back to that thing, I call the yack
Couldn’t you just stay with me
but to you I know there would always be 3
We knew each other for just a week
In that time I could hardly speak
You know I had the time of my life
Why couldn’t I be your wife?
All of this is wishful thinking
I think I will go back to drinking
off you go, on that train
I wonder if I will ever see you again

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