Why Did You Hurt Her?

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How dare you jerks hurt my sister?!

Do you even feel sorry for what you did?

Oh wait yeah you don’t know what you did…

Well let me tell you then…

You broke her heart! You made her feel used!

Heck I bet you don’t even care! you must be like “Who cares really!”

I hate you all!

I mean my sister still love you but like I can’t stop her from loving you all

Most of you have been ignoring her forever!

And me and her friends have been trying to cheer her up!

But she stays sad, and one you come on

Your like totally dead and I so want to finish you right there

But if I really did I know it would break her heart

But I really hope one day she’s gonna find a boy…

Better than all of you!

And I would laugh my head off if you begged to get her back!

Really if you wanted to date her so bad why’d you break up with her?

Why’d you ignore her most of the time?

I mean you flirted but never asked her?

Why did you flirt just to keep her interested?

Really you guys answer my question?

But the question I wonder the most is…

How dare you hurt her?

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