Thank You For The Pain

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Okay let me just say something…Thank you for the pain you made me feel

I thought I would never ever feel this kinda pain

But you had me feel this kinda pain

And like I said so many times…I hate you for giving me this pain

You ripped a sister right from my heart!

I never saw it coming

Why did you do this to me?!

What did I do to you?

Is it like pay back?

But I never did anything to make you feel pain like this!

Are you doing this to see me and my friends cry?

Do you just want to see us finally be defeated in this war?

Well you know what…

Me and my friends aren’t gonna be defeated go ahead let this go on

But hopefully you know one day we’re not gonna be the ones who get defeated…

You are gonna be!

And your gonna be the one in pain next!

So let me just say for now…Thank you for the pain…

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