You Are Not Who I Fell In Love With

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We have been together,
Almost a month now.
You always made me feel amazing.
One day, I noticed some change in you.
Now your just like the rest of them!
Your annoying! Perverted! Mean and rude!
You’re not the same person that I fell in love with!
I thought you were different!
Your just the same!
I told you they would change you!
You believed me too!
But they took you in and you feel for it!
I don’t know what to do!
Do I still love you?
Because your not who I fell in love with anymore. :(

This poem is about my boyfriend. For awhile now he has been hanging with these people at school. They can be really good friends, but there troubles makers and perverted! He knew they were no good! And I warned him. I thought he was different! That he knew to stay away from them, but he fell into there trap and he became one of them. I don't know what to do! He just isn't the same and not the person I fell in love with.

3 thoughts on “You Are Not Who I Fell In Love With”

  1. i know exactly that my BF of a year and 8 months broke my heart before we started sophmore year i loved him he loved me but i guess i pushed him away…and he turned into a douche after i ignored him for so long because i was hurt and didn’t want him to know i loved him still and now i think its too late for me and him…

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