Beautiful Sight

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The first time I acknowledged Eric was in Social Studies class, amid a project at the start of February. I glimpsed over at him when he was doing his project. He appeared isolated, apprehensive, and misconstrued by everyone around him. His dark brown eyes nearly black unveiled a great enigma cryptic beneath reticence. His brown-brunette hair lightly ensconces his radiant face. Statuesque in every way possible, alluring scent, laughable, delighted with the people he knew captured my utter most interest to get to know him. Having his presence anywhere near me sends my heart racing and butterflies firing.



He faced the class to take attendance. I gazed in his direction when he acquired my presence. I giggled at him when he nearly fell asleep. We chatted for a few before we payed attention. His charm and simple words to me captured my complete attention.



His timid state with talking to me is adorable to me. It became apparent that he was in two more of my classes. Acknowledging his presence took a long time for me to acquire. Having him in math and being partners when we could was quite nice. We chatted and learned more about each other every day.



When we got to know each other more, he took me along to admire the beauty of rafting with his family and his brother’s friends. That was the most interesting thing to watch. His family is delighted to have me along. That sense of love from him and his family delights me. The beauty of being with those who love you sends jubilation all around.



That year was the best I have had in a long time. Eric is the one I love the most out of any other guy that I would ever meet in my lifetime. The fact that we have each other is more than I can ask for. The people around me may think differently but I wouldn’t care because I know who he is and I love him for him not necessarily just his looks. I love him for him that’s all I know.

I loved him first and I loved him last

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  1. hum thank you min min now that i look back when i first wrote it for my english teacher i felt he was the right one to tell her it was the person i love…but when he looked at it that day we turned them in he looked at me like i don’t know…like he didn’t want me to write bout him cause he didn’t write bout me this is what he said i remember so vividly clear ” i was going to write about you but my dad wrote it for me about him.” i wasn’t mad but i was HUrting so bad inside cuase he couldn’t make up a better excuse and no effort to try and write about me :***(

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