The Devils Sin

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Eclipsed moon cloaks the pernicious danger

Lingering shadows plunge one’s innocence

Sinful hearts lie in his hands

Capitulate your very soul to him

The sinful ways live within us

Could it be him that provokes us to do wrong?

Is it our doing?

What makes my sins take over who I am?

There’s no escape from his grasp

Resurrected from the dead

He comes to you from dawn till dusk

He deceives you when you sleep

The damned is his to command

He reaps you as his recruits

To see what he sees

A day that we will all rue

2 thoughts on “The Devils Sin”

  1. you wrote about something difficult to write wrote good and i was glad to see your poem.i too wander that, and believe it too.

    Great poem, keep up the good work

    Take care-I hope you write more often

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