Blonde's Story

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A blonde is sitting at home one day when she decides she’s sick of hearing blonde jokes. She decides to dye her hair brown, and, to see if it works in making her more intelligent, goes to a farm where she approaches the farmer with the challenge, “If I can guess how many sheep you have, can I take one home?” The farmer chuckles to himself, before replying, “Sure, why not?” The blonde pulls out a calculator and does a bunch of hugely complicated equations and comes up with a number. She says to the farmer, “There are 314 sheep out there.” The farmer is astonished. “You’re right!” he says. “Go take your pick”. The blonde takes a few minutes to pick a sheep, waves to the farmer, and leaves. She’s sitting at home the next day when she hears a knock on her front door. She opens it and finds the farmer standing there holding his hat. He says to her, “If I can guess your real hair colour, can I have my dog back?”

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  1. You know it was funny because I was just gonna look through all of the stupid blonde jokes and I ran across this one. I’ve a friend that yes is blonde and well she recently died her hair brown and she told me the other day that she feels non-blonder since her hair color and well she's not and this joke just remind me of her. thank you for sharing it

  2. Ima blonde but I am very intelligent 4 your information and I'm only 13 and I'm in 9th grade so go ahead make another thing about blondes asshole!!!!

  3. well i like it but can you tell me y blondes are always discriminated against
    coz who cares wot colour hair people have
    is wots in their head that counts
    and i don’t no y they don’t do the same with brunettes
    i really hate it how meany people Victimize us blondes!!!!!!

  4. Wow..
    I'm a blonde and i got offended!…lol…me and my friend were reading it and i go i don’t get it and she goes your such a bblonde i go whats that suppose to mean and she goes excatly to i read it one more time and then i got it…i was like heyy!!!!….then she droppped on the floor cracking up….i felt like a true dumb blonde becuase becuase call me in school ditzy and a true true dumb dumb dumb blondee….i feel real special

  5. wow im impressed she really must be dum she got da correct answer for how many sheeps there were but im surprised she don’t kno wat a sheep look like and she took da dog wowwwwww!!! ((( jokez)))

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